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Themo Energy Saving Service for real estate companies

Comfort heating in the bathrooms can be a big energy surge. Especially in offices and apartments where the user is not directly responsible for the electric bill. For example, the level of heating for underfloor heating system may not be properly paid attention to. As a result, heating is often unnecessarily wasted.

Themo is an artificial intelligence IoT solution that allows you to centrally control the comfort heating. We guarantee our customers a cash flow-positive investment from the very first year through our innovative service model!

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How it works?

Themo aim to ease in heating management. Once our thermostats are set up, they operate independently and without interference. However, tracking energy consumption can be interesting and useful through the Themo management portal. You can make changes and control the heating at any time you need.

  • Optimization of heating according to your needs
    Our automatic scheduling function minimises unnecessary heating. A smart thermostat chooses the best time when and how much power is needed to reach desired temperature in desired time. Also it knows how long can the heating be off without falling below the comfort zone.
  • Machine learning and price optimization
    With the help of artificial intelligence, Themo learns the floor characteristics as well as the effect of outdoor temperatures to the building. Based on the all available information, Themo chooses the most optimal heating cycles, taking into account also the exact electricity price. For example, when electricity is cheaper at night, Themo preheats the floor during the morning hours and uses residual heat during the peak hours.
  • Centralized management and support
    Room heating can be viewed and controlled via a web portal created specifically for the needs of the real estate company. Through our management portal, it is also possible to closely monitor the electricity consumption history for each room. Themo as a service provider will be constantly available to give you the support you need.


Reduce your property's carbon footprint

Themo reduces the property's carbon footprint implicitly and explicitly. Firstly, using Themo reduces to amount of heating that is used per floor area and secondly Themo heats up the floor when there is cheap and green energy available in the grid.

In most cases, investments that increase energy efficiency require a significant initial investment and the savings are only realised in the long run. Our service is cash flow positive right from the first month.

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