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Return policy

To return Themo thermostat to the Company and be eligible to a full refund within the refund period, please do the following:

  1. Please contact us at and provide following information:

    • Information from where and when was the Themo thermostat(s) purchased.

    • Receipt of the purchase or the last 4 digits of the credit card or the bank account that from where the purchase was made.

    • Bank account details (number and the name of the owner) to where we make the refund.

  2. Please ship us back the Themo thermostat to address: Masti 17, 11911, Tallinn, Estonia. Recipient: Smart Load Solutions OÜ, contact phone +372 53 737 004.
    Items to be shipped back:

    • Themo thermostat front panel

    • Themo thermostat back panel

    • Temperature sensor

    • Any other item or the package is not compulsory to send back but will be much appreciated as we will then utilize them according to the best practices.

Once we have received the Themo we will evaluated whether the thermostat is in working order or it is in accordance with our warranty policy. We will not refund any Themo thermostats that are damaged beyond normal wear or beyond our warranty policy. Smart Load Solutions OÜ has the full authority to decide whether Themo send back is damaged beyond normal wear and not eligible for a refund. We also only refund thermostat that have been purchased within the last 100 days starting from the date that the client has contacted us as described in Clause 1 of this Return Policy.

If Themo thermostat(s) has been approved for a refund, we will notify You and make the refund within 30 days of receiving the thermostat.

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