Smart Solutions for Saving Electricity

We want people around the world to be able to reduce their consumption of electricity quickly and easily – without compromising on living comfort. Themo’s products that optimize the consumption of electricity and take advantage of the Spot pricing of electricity will make decisions that save money and conserve the environment on your behalf.

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Optimize Your Heating Needs and the Utilization of Affordable Exchange Electricity

Our core innovation is an effective algorithm that optimizes the consumption of electricity, which is what the functionality of our Themo Smart Thermostats is based on. In optimizing the room-specific consumption of electricity, the algorithm accounts for the variation in exchange electricity prices, among many other parameters.

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New Themo DIN Optimizes the Consumption of Electricity for Heating in Two Ways

Themo DIN is a smart electric heating controller that attaches to the switchboard of a residential property. The device identifies and utilizes the lowest exchange electricity rates to heat domestic water and control heat pumps or underfloor heating in a centralized manner.

This is How Themo Smart Thermostat Optimizes the Consumption of Electricity by Underfloor Heating


Themo Smart Thermostat

Optimizes your underfloor or ceiling heating room-specifically taking into account your requirements, the conditions, and the price of exchange electricity. Themo also allows you to save on energy if you have a fixed-price electricity contract.

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Themo DIN

A smart electric heating controller that minimizes electricity consumption by storage water heaters, heat pumps, or underfloor heating based on exchange electricity rates.  

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Themo Energy Saving Service

Reduces the consumption of electricity by underfloor heating for property and housing companies. The service requires no initial investment and allows you to optimize your heating needs and easily control your heating remotely.

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Themo Saves Money in Detached Houses and Property and Housing Companies

Themo provides significant savings for all residential properties with direct underfloor or ceiling heating: detached houses, housing companies, and other permanent or temporary accommodations. When using exchange electricity, the savings increase as the price of electricity during peak consumption rises.


Themo Smart Thermostat is an intelligent, digital thermostat that controls the underfloor heating individually in each room. The heating can also be controlled remotely using the Themo app.

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The price of a single Themo Smart Thermostat in our online store is €149.

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For Property and Housing Companies

Themo Energy Saving Service optimizes the consumption of electricity by underfloor heating throughout the property. This enables more even temperatures and remote control of heating in a room- and apartment-specific manner.

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The all-inclusive price of the Themo Energy Saving Service is just €3.90/thermostat/month (VAT 0%).

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Themo Offers Savings and Allows for Smart Consumption of Electricity

  • Substantially reduce your electricity bills
  • Maximize the use of renewable energy
  • Enjoy the ease of implementation and the favorable input-output ratio
  • Optimize the heating schedule based on the times you are at home
  • Access and utilize data on lowest electricity rates
  • Monitor, control, and schedule heating with a mobile app (property and housing companies can use the Themo portal)
For Consumers
For Property and Housing Companies

Themo's Product Range is Expanding

In addition to ceiling and underfloor heating, electricity in residential properties can also be consumed by a boiler, for example. Our next product that utilizes the Themo principle is Themo DIN, which attaches to the switchboard of the property. The device monitors the variation in the price of exchange electricity to heat domestic water at the lowest daily price or optimize underfloor heating in a centralized manner. The product will be introduced to the market in early 2023.
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Solutions That Benefit You and Our Shared Environment

We are involved in resolving an issue that is truly significant. There are approximately 500 million electric heaters in use throughout the world, consuming 15% of the world’s electricity and producing a vast amount of CO2 emissions.

It is our objective to enable cleaner and more affordable electric heating for everyone. We achieve this by using smart technology that significantly reduces the consumption of electricity – without sacrificing living comfort.


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