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Get one Themo for each room with underfloor or ceiling heating. The more Themo thermostats you need, the lower the price per unit.

Purchase Themo thermostats from your closest retailer

If you are a corporate customer (a representative of a housing company or property company, for example), book a free, 30-minute Themo demonstration online or fill in the contact request form and we will assist you directly.
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Book a demo with me by choosing a date from the calendar

Explore the benefits offered to property companies by the Themo Energy Saving Service by booking a thirty-minute demonstration in the calendar. The demonstration will be carried out remotely or via telephone.

  • See how Themo reduces the amount of electricity consumed by underfloor heating in wet rooms by up to 50 %
  • Learn how easy the Themo Energy Saving Service is to implement
  • Hear why the Themo Energy Saving Service will always remain cash flow positive
  • Find out whether Themo is suitable for your property