Intelligent Themo Smart Thermostat saves Electricity

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Themo makes smart electricity consumption decisions on your behalf. It is the first digital thermostat that will control the heating of your home or vacation home to optimize heating requirements and take advantage of exchange electricity prices.

Heat Your Floors Using Affordable Exchange Electricity

Are you an exchange electricity customer? The intelligent consumption decisions made by Themo Smart Thermostat will allow you to pay 32% less for heated floors on average, as Themo Smart Thermostat will schedule the supply of electricity during more affordable rates. At the same time, you will also use more renewable energy, which reduces the carbon footprint of your household.

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Are you on a fixed-price electricity contract?

Themo Smart Thermostat helps you optimise your electricity consumption even when you have a fixed-price electricity contract. The thermostat learns to create the most optimal heating schedule based on the user's heating needs. In addition to underfloor heating, Themo Smart Thermostat is also suitable for ceiling heating.

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Themo Smart Thermostat Brings Everyday Comfort


Works with All Electric Rate Schedules

Themo Smart Thermostat provides savings to consumers with both exchange electricity and fixed-price contracts, as it learns to create an optimal heating schedule based on the price and heating requirements.

The Room Is Warm When You Need It to Be

Instead of compromising on comfort, intelligent consumption means minimizing unnecessary heating.

Quick Installation and Easy Configuration

A qualified electrician can install the thermostat in approximately 15 minutes. The Themo app will guide you step by step through the configuration process. You can also purchase the product with installation service.


Themo Smart Thermostat is easy to use. You do not have to adjust the thermostat after the initial configuration unless you want to change your heating schedules.

Remote Control

The Themo app allows you to monitor the costs and control the heating even when you are not at home.

Works Without the Internet as Well

A Wi-Fi connection is not an absolute requirement for Themo. Without Wi-Fi, Themo Smart Thermostat will function as a regular thermostat.
Frequently asked questions

How does Themo Smart Thermostat work?

In addition to price optimization, Themo Smart Thermostat utilizes various other factors for controlling your heating.
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Easy Implementation


  • Purchase the required number of Themo Smart Thermostats from our online store or a retailer
  • Download the Themo mobile app to your smartphone and create a free Themo account
  • Call a qualified electrician, who can install the thermostats in approximately 15 minutes
  • Follow the instructions in the Themo app to set up the Wi-Fi connection, electricity rate profile, and room profiles (the times when people are at home and the desired temperatures) 
  • Themo Smart Thermostat will begin optimizing your heating immediately – nothing more is required from you
  • If you want, you can monitor and control the consumption of electricity by underfloor heating in the app
  • If you require more support during the implementation or later, see our Support page for instructions and create a support ticket if necessary, and we will contact you

Remote Control with a Mobile Device

Themo’s smart algorithm begins to optimize electricity consumption immediately after installation. Download the Themo app from your app store and configure room-specific temperatures and schedules based on your daily routine. This will ensure that the temperature is right when you are at home and lower when you are away – or when you just want to reduce the temperature of a room.

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Smart Consumption of Electricity

Intelligent consumption of electricity does not mean that you have to compromise on comfort. Instead, it means more effective consumption, comfort, and a smaller carbon footprint. By investing in the innovative Themo Smart Thermostat, you will ensure that your basic needs will be met using the minimum amount of non-renewable natural resources.


Intelligent In-house Assistant

Themo Smart Thermostat is an easy and useful assistant. Once you have configured the thermostat, it will function independently and free of interruptions. If you wish, you can adjust and control your heating with a mobile device and monitor the consumption of electricity by heating.

In addition, the LED indicator on the Themo Smart Thermostat shows you the price level of exchange electricity at each time. A green light shows you the best time to use household appliances that consume significant amounts of electricity.

Maximum Benefit from Exchange Electricity

Themo Smart Thermostat is best suited for optimizing the utilization and cost of exchange electricity. Themo Smart Thermostat optimizes electricity consumption by underfloor heating based on the market price and schedules the supply of power according to the most affordable and environmentally friendly times.

Greener Electricity

When the price of electricity is low, a larger share of it is produced without fossil energy sources. Themo Smart Thermostat will optimize the desired temperature based on your heating schedule, while simultaneously aiming to maximize the usage of more affordable, and thus greener electricity.

Without Sacrificing Safety

Themo Smart Thermostat is a safe product and service: the digital thermostats carry the CE marking, which signifies that they meet EU regulations, and all data pertaining to the devices, applications, and the portal designed for property companies is protected using SSL encryption.

Themo Smart Thermostat Pays for Itself

You can reduce your heating costs without feeling cold. In many homes, a significant portion of the electricity bill is comprised by underfloor heating in the bathroom. If the property is equipped with electric underfloor heating, Themo Smart Thermostats should be installed in each room with underfloor heating. Themo Smart Thermostats allow you to save both energy and money.

Themo Smart Thermostats can already be found in thousands of homes – make a smart decision to reduce your electricity bills and carbon footprint!

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Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Household

For example, when Themo Smart Thermostat is used to heat a bathroom floor with an area of 5 m2, the reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels will correspond to approximately 126 kg of CO2 per year. If electric underfloor heating is the primary form of heating in your house, you can save hundreds of euros per year. Additionally, the reduction in the size of your carbon footprint will correspond to the emissions of a medium-sized station wagon, i.e., approximately 2 270 kg of CO2 per year. (Source: Traficom).

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How many Themo Smart Thermostats will I need?

A Themo Smart Thermostat can be installed in each room with underfloor heating you want to control. If your home only has underfloor heating in the bathroom, a single Themo Smart Thermostat is enough. Correspondingly, you should also purchase a Themo Smart Thermostat for each room with ceiling heating.


Purchase Themo Smart Thermostats from Our Online Store

Purchase a Themo Smart Thermostat for each room with underfloor or ceiling heating. The more thermostats you purchase, the lower the price per unit.

Purchase Themo Smart Thermostats from Your Nearest Retailer

If you are a corporate customer (a representative of a housing company or property company, for example), reserve a free, 30-minute Themo Energy Saving Service survey online or fill in the contact request form and we will assist you directly.

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