Easy and immediate savings on electric heating costs

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Themo Smart Thermostat allows you to effectively reduce the consumption of electricity by underfloor heating. With exchange electricity, your electricity bills will be reduced by 32% on average. At the same time, you are also reducing the size of your carbon footprint – without compromising on living comfort.

Themo Smart Thermostat


Smart Thermostat Takes the Price of Exchange Electricity into Account

Themo Smart Thermostat will keep your rooms warm when necessary, while also reducing your heating bills significantly. The optimized consumption of electricity will also reduce the size of your carbon footprint. Themo Smart Thermostat is best suited for use with direct electric ceiling and underfloor heating – and it works with all electric rate schedules.

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Smaller Electricity Bills from Day One

Themo Smart Thermostat can be used with all electric rate schedules. It reduces the electricity bill for underfloor heating and the size of the carbon footprint both easily and effectively.

Electricity Consumption in a Detached House with an Exchange Electricity Contract


Themo Smart Thermostat offers exchange electricity customers a significant added benefit by optimizing heating and heating costs. The thermostat optimizes the consumption of electricity by underfloor heating based on the market price and schedules the supply of power according to the most affordable and environmentally friendly times.

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Scheduling Underfloor Heating in a Bathroom Based on Requirements


Themo Smart Thermostat creates an optimal heating schedule that saves electricity for customers on fixed-price contracts as well. It monitors and optimizes the heating needs according to a room-specific heating schedule.

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The best thing about Themo Smart Thermostat is that in addition to reducing electricity consumption, it also allows you to easily monitor and control the consumption and room-specific temperatures.

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Achieve savings through smart consumption of electricity

  • Substantially reduce your electricity bills 
  • Maximize the use of renewable energy
  • Enjoy the ease of implementation and the favorable input-output ratio
  • Optimize the heating schedule based on the time you are at home
  • Access and utilize data on lowest electricity rates
  • Monitor, control, and schedule heating with a mobile app 

How does Themo Smart Thermostat work?

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How many Themo Smart Thermostats will I need?

A Themo Smart Thermostat can be installed in each room with underfloor heating you want to control. If your home only has underfloor heating in the bathroom, a single Themo Smart Thermostat is enough. Correspondingly, you should also purchase a Themo Smart Thermostat for each room with ceiling heating.

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Purchase a Themo Smart Thermostat for each room with underfloor or ceiling heating. The more thermostats you purchase, the lower the price per unit.

Purchase Themo Smart Thermostats from Your Nearest Retailer

If you are a corporate customer (a representative of a housing company or property company, for example), reserve a free, 30-minute Themo Energy Saving Service survey online or fill in the contact request form and we will assist you directly.

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