Save Electricity in Your Housing Company by Optimizing Underfloor Heating


In many housing companies, electric underfloor heating in the bathrooms is part of the core systems of the property. In this case, intelligent and centralized optimization of underfloor heating can be a highly effective way to save on the cost of heating. This benefits both the shareholders and residents of the housing company.

Themo Energy Saving Service for Housing Companies

Underfloor heating in bathrooms consumes a substantial amount of electricity in housing companies. Underfloor heating may also be used in other areas of the building. When the housing company is responsible for the underfloor heating in apartments, centralized optimization can provide significant savings on heating costs. 

The Themo Energy Saving Service offers a perfect solution to the centralized optimization of underfloor heating systems controlled by the housing company. Offered at a fixed monthly price, the optimization service requires no investment. It allows you to adjust the heating in each apartment in accordance with the residents’ wishes.

Themo smart thermostats are installed in bathrooms and other areas with underfloor heating, and Themo will ensure that the equipment continues to function properly. The property manager or another representative of the housing company can easily control and monitor the underfloor heating in each apartment and area remotely through the Themo portal.


Optimization of Underfloor Heating in the Housing Company Also Conserves the Environment

Smart optimization of underfloor heating saves electricity and reduces the carbon footprint of heating. As the optimization maintains the desired temperature when the areas are occupied, your residents will not notice a difference. Because the system allows for room- and apartment-specific adjustment of temperature, you can configure it based on the residents’ wishes.

In addition to optimizing the room-specific heating requirements, Themo Energy Saving Service also accounts for variation in the price of electricity and the weather. The system aims to produce a sufficient level of heating throughout the day using the lowest rates available. When an apartment is unoccupied, the underfloor heating can be set to minimum.


Many housing companies have a genuine opportunity to save energy by optimizing their underfloor heating. Implementation of the Themo Energy Saving Service requires no investment and allows you to save money while reducing the carbon footprint of your housing company. Rooms are only heated as necessary but still sufficiently to ensure that building structures remain dry. Property management is made easier without additional effort.

Benefits Offered by the Themo Energy Saving Service

  • Substantial savings in the cost of electric heating
  • No investment expenses – the fixed service fee is always exceeded by the achieved savings
  • Considerable reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Smart optimization of demand and electricity prices learns and improves savings even further
  • Easy remote monitoring and control of underfloor heating throughout the property
  • Themo is responsible for the installations, incident response, and repairs under warranty

Themo Energy Saving Service costs only €3.50 / thermostat / month.

This is how the Themo Energy Saving Service is implemented

  • We create a user account for you in the Themo portal and configure the devices
  • We establish a connection using the GSM network or a Wi-Fi network within the property (we will create a Wi-Fi network where necessary)
  • We inform the residents about the replacement of thermostats
  • We install the thermostats and carry out a commissioning inspection
  • We provide training on how to use the Themo portal
  • We monitor the system on a weekly basis to ensure that everything is working correctly and fix any defects that may occur
  • You can monitor and control apartment-specific heating through the Themo portal
  • After approximately six months, we will work with you to conduct an energy savings review that will allow you to see how much you have saved in energy and costs

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