Ikaalinen Spa & Resort Saves Substantial Amounts of Electricity with the Themo Energy Saving Service

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Smart optimization of underfloor heating in hotel rooms reduces the electricity bills of Ikaalinen Spa & Resort by 4–5% without any investment. On the annual level, the Themo Energy Saving Service allows for savings in excess of €12 000.

In the hotel and spa business, electricity is a significant cost item. Major consumers of electricity include pool technology and saunas, restaurant activities, air conditioning, lighting, and underfloor heating in bathrooms. In the large property complex with a total area of more than 22 000 m2, reducing electricity consumption by even just a few percent has a significant impact. Now, smart optimization of underfloor heating in the bathrooms saves energy without sacrificing the comfort of customers.




Two Good Reasons to Save Electricity

CEO Eero Aho says that saving energy does of course contribute positively to the profitability of business activities, but it is also an important element of the responsible operation of a modern business. Various energy saving measures have been implemented in Ikaalinen since the renovated spa was opened by new local owners in the summer of 2021.

“We have set clear targets for both sustainable development and cost savings. The Themo Energy Saving Service provides an easy and effortless way for us to promote the achievement of both objectives.”

Eero Aho, CEO at Ikaalinen Spa & Resort




The Themo Energy Saving Service was introduced in the summer of 2022 with a pilot period during which the difference in electricity consumption with a manual thermostat and a smart thermostat was monitored. A single Themo Smart Thermostat was estimated to produce savings in the approximate amount of €8/device/month when the total electricity price was around 10 c/kWh. After the pilot period, Themo Smart Thermostats that are used to control underfloor heating in a centralized manner were installed for each bathroom in the autumn of 2022. 

Electricity is Saved Without the Need to Invest  

Both the main building of Ikaalinen Spa & Resort and the separate hotel building were originally taken into service in the 1990s. The properties include a total of 131 hotel rooms with bathrooms featuring electric underfloor heating.

“The Themo Energy Saving Service requires no investment, and the savings can be easily verified with the service-based model. We now save approximately one half of the cost of underfloor heating compared to when it was controlled with manual thermostats.”

Eero Aho, CEO at Ikaalinen Spa & Resort

The Themo Energy Saving Service comprises an energy savings review that the customer is entitled to each year. During the review, changes in the consumption of electricity are examined based on electricity meter data provided by the customer.



The energy savings review conducted with Ikaalinen Spa & Resort in May 2023 showed that the company is currently saving a little over 16 000 kWh of electricity each month, which corresponds to approximate monthly savings of 126 kWh for a single room with underfloor heating. 

When other, more limited savings measures that were carried out at the same time are eliminated from the calculations, the results show that the savings produced by Themo amount to approx. 70–100 kWh/device/month, i.e., €7–10/device/month when the total price of electricity is around 10 c/kWh.



The Easy Service Does Not Require Constant Maintenance by the Customer

The price of the electricity contract of Ikaalinen Spa & Resort is also protected using futures. This means that the price of electricity is not fully fixed, but it also does not fluctuate widely based on the spot price. In this case, the Themo Energy Saving Service controls underfloor heating based on two parameters. Floors are heated in the mornings and evenings in accordance with the assumed operating hours. Heating is additionally controlled based on the purchase price of electricity such that hours with a lower spot price are prioritized.

“We have a small organization and a lot of work. The optimization of underfloor heating is carried out based on the heating program specified by us without constant maintenance needs, which is great. We can achieve savings effortlessly.”  

Eero Aho, CEO at Ikaalinen Spa & Resort

Hotel guests have not given feedback on the functioning of underfloor heating. This means that the chosen heating schedules are effective.



As the occupancy rate of the hotel is high, optimization of the level of underfloor heating in unoccupied rooms using the Themo Energy Saving Service has not yet been necessary. But it is good to have the option to do so.

Eero Aho is also happy with the service provided by Themo. The installation, optimization, and introduction of Themo Smart Thermostats went very smoothly, and the work was carried out within the agreed upon schedule.

“Themo's service is reliable. The operating model is clearly defined, and the achievement of savings targets was verified mutually. The service is excellently suited for the hotel industry and other property companies as well, I am sure."

Eero Aho, CEO at Ikaalinen Spa & Resort


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