Find out how much you can save*:

Rooms with floor heating:

80 – 120 W/m2


60 – 80 W/m2


55 – 100 W/m2


55 – 120 W/m2

Total floor space with electric heating:
This is how much your floor heating is consuming energy:
810 1215 kWh / year
And this is how much you are paying for it:
105158 € / Year
Calculated with average electricity price of 17,37 c/kWh (including tariffs, taxes and VAT)
Themo will save you per year*:
132197 kg/CO2

*Savings are based on an analysis of the current customer base. In addition a scientific study conducted by the Tallinn University of Technology faculty of Power Engineering proved an electricity cost savings potential of 32,5 % depending on the exact spot price situation. The study can be downloaded here.