Intelligent Optimization of Underfloor Heating in Property Companies

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Themo Energy Saving Service offers property and housing companies an effective solution for the optimization of underfloor heating. Optimization of electricity consumption in bathrooms and other areas with underfloor heating saves energy, reduces the carbon footprint, and simplifies technical maintenance of the properties.
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Energy-saving Solution Without Initial Investment

Direct underfloor heating comprises a significant portion of the electricity consumed by various residential properties. The Themo Energy Saving Service is based on a smart algorithm and increases the capacity of technical building systems in residential buildings managed by property companies by, among other things, enabling centralized, apartment-specific control of underfloor heating and the monitoring of usage data.

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Calculate your savings potential for heating costs:


Estimated annual savings

Savings per square meters are based on the realized savings of our customers. Sampling includes thousands of bathrooms in various customer properties.

Savings Will Always Exceed the Expenses

Themo Energy Saving Service is cash-flow positive: it requires no investment from property or housing companies. The fixed monthly price covers the installation of Themo Smart Thermostats, maintenance, monitoring, and access to a customer portal that can be used to monitor and control the heating remotely.

In our customer agreements, we undertake to ensure that the savings achieved by our customers exceed the cost of using the system. Where necessary, these savings can be verified through a free pilot period.

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Themo Saves Electricity in Various Property Companies:


Housing Companies

Save electricity by optimizing underfloor heating in the bathrooms.

Rental Properties

Control apartment-specific underfloor heating in a centralized manner.

Assisted Living Facilities

Optimize the use of underfloor heating without compromising residential comfort.

Hotels and Other Accommodation Facilities and Leisure Centers

Control the underfloor heating in rooms based on the utilization rate.

Themo Energy Saving Service in Brief


Substantial savings on the cost of electric heating


No investment expenses – the fixed service fee is always exceeded by the achieved savings


Considerable reduction in CO₂ emissions


Smart optimization of demand and electricity prices learns to improve savings even further

Easy remote monitoring and control of underfloor heating throughout the property

Themo is responsible for installations, incident response, and repairs under warranty

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Reduce the Carbon Footprint of the Properties You Manage

Themo Energy Saving Service reduces the carbon footprint of properties through continuous passive adjustment based on demand in the grid. This means that heating is optimized to utilize more affordable rates at times when the electricity available in the grid is also produced more ecologically. In addition, as less electricity is used than previously, emissions from the production of electricity are also reduced.

Investments that increase energy efficiency often comprises a significant initial investment, which means that the savings are only realized later. The Themo Energy Saving Service generates positive cash flow from the very first month. The all-inclusive price for property companies is just €3.50/thermostat/month.


We are proud of our customers who recognize their responsibility:

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Housing companies

Smart optimization of underfloor heating allows a housing company to save on energy costs based on a decision by the Board

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Kuopas saves energy with Themo
Property companies

Kuopas saved 46% on energy costs in a student housing property with Themo

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JYY reduces the energy consumption of its properties by using Themo
Property companies

JYY aims to reduce the consumption of energy by its properties by up to 600 000 kWh/year using Themo

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